Urban Brew provides parents with a safe space they can view as their own. While mainstream coffeehouses allow children, most traditional patrons are looking for a quiet place to work and have little patience or acceptance for small children and the messes and noises they bring. There is nothing worse than a parent needing an escape or a change of scenery only to be greeted with frustration because their kids are being kids... It is our goal to change this narrative and offer a relaxing space for both parents and children. It was in this need that we created the YOU CAN SIP WITH US narrative.

Our family-owned and operated 3,500 sq ft space features a clean and unique play area, a fun cafe with our in-house roasted coffee beans and croffles, and an in-house wellness center (Urban Body). 

Our coffee beans are all roasted in house fresh daily! Our cafe is full of fresh baked pastries and pies and our unique croffle recipes! Order in or order to go!

Our play space specializes in sensory and imaginative play. While you're welcome to sit in one of our cozy chairs and observe inside the play area, we also encourage adults to join in on the fun and play along!


Don't have kids? We hear you. Our cafe & wellness center were designed for you too! We set aside adult only mornings in our cafe and have a relaxing space for you! Enjoy our sauna, body sculpting services, a cup of coffee, or maybe a fun refresher or detox tea! We will have so many adult only events as well. Make sure you book your services through our Wellness Center directly!

Here at Urban Brew, we believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child. Our Community Room encourages our neighbors to come together and expand our support system. Here at Urban Brew we want you to feel comfortable and welcome. We will do whatever is required to help our customers feel at home. whether it be a space to nurse, an allergy request, or sanitizing wipes, we want you to know that this is a safe place for you.


Wellness Center

Yup, you read that right. Not only have we created a space for parents to enjoy WITH their kids, we also created a space that you can enjoy without! Our wellness center, Urban Body, offers a wide variety of services. Relax in our in-house sauna and salt room with halotherapy, or indulge in our body sculpting services and laser lipo. We truly have it all! Contact us to book a consultation or stop in to learn more!

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Community Room

In our Community Room you can find a cozy space, with our own community library. Our motto is "read and return" meaning you take what you need, read what you want, and return at your next visit! We also have a cubby of board games to play while you're here. This is perfect for older siblings who are too old for our play area or a great way to engage in conversation with your neighbor! 

Our Community Room can be booked out for Parties and Events! We have many packages available and work with our very own Event Coordinator to help make your event perfect for you! Contact us to book your event!

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